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Famous 4D Winners in Malaysia: Stories of Life-Changing Triumphs

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The game of 4D (Four-Digit) in Malaysia has not only created countless dreams of wealth and fortune but has also transformed the lives of several individuals who defied the odds and emerged as famous 4D winners.

These winners serve as a source of inspiration and fascination for many Malaysians, as they demonstrate that life-changing prizes can indeed be won through this game of chance.

In this detailed exploration, we will profile notable individuals who have won significant prizes through the 4D lottery in Malaysia, sharing their stories and revealing how their lives were impacted.

Tan Sri Vincent Tan

Tan Sri Vincent Tan, a prominent Malaysian businessman and entrepreneur, is perhaps one of the most famous 4D winners in Malaysia's history. His story is often cited as an example of extraordinary luck and success through 4D. Tan Sri Vincent Tan won a staggering RM31 million in a single draw in 1992, which was, at the time, the largest 4D prize ever awarded in Malaysia.

Impact on His Life

The RM31 million win catapulted Tan Sri Vincent Tan to unprecedented wealth and prominence. It not only transformed his personal fortune but also allowed him to expand his business empire. He invested in various industries, including gaming, hospitality, and property development, which further solidified his status as a major player in the Malaysian business landscape.

The Tai Family

The Tai family, hailing from the state of Johor, achieved remarkable success in the 4D lottery. Their story is a testament to the impact of 4D winnings on the lives of everyday Malaysians.

Winning Streak

The Tai family's incredible winning streak began in 2009 when they won RM26 million in a single draw. Their luck did not stop there; they continued to win numerous significant prizes over the years, totalling over RM50 million in winnings.

Impact on Their Lives

The Tai family's story exemplifies how a series of 4D wins can change lives dramatically. With their newfound wealth, they invested in various business ventures, including real estate and tourism. Their story also inspired others to try their luck in the 4D lottery, hoping to replicate their success.

Puan Sri Lee Kim Hua

Puan Sri Lee Kim Hua was a remarkable Malaysian 4D winner whose story is often celebrated for her philanthropic endeavours and her generosity toward charitable causes.

Winning History

Puan Sri Lee Kim Hua had a history of 4D wins, with her most significant victory being an RM20.3 million jackpot in 1997. She continued to play 4D regularly and won smaller prizes on several occasions.

Impact on Her Life

Puan Sri Lee Kim Hua's winnings allowed her to live a comfortable and charitable life. She was known for her philanthropic work, supporting various causes and charities in Malaysia and abroad. Her generosity was widely recognized, and she left behind a legacy of giving.

The V.K. Lingam Case

The V.K. Lingam case is unique in the annals of 4D winnings in Malaysia, primarily due to the controversy surrounding the circumstances of the win.

Controversial Win

In 2007, V.K. Lingam, a prominent lawyer in Malaysia, was embroiled in a controversy when it was revealed that he had won a RM4.2 million 4D prize. The timing and circumstances of the win raised suspicions of impropriety, as it occurred during a period of high-profile legal cases in which Lingam was involved.

Impact on His Life

The win had mixed consequences for V.K. Lingam. While it undoubtedly brought a substantial financial windfall, it also intensified scrutiny and controversy around his legal career and reputation. The controversy surrounding the 4D win contributed to the larger narrative surrounding the independence and ethics of the legal profession in Malaysia.

The Lim Family

The Lim family, based in Kuala Lumpur, experienced a significant transformation in their lives through 4D winnings.

Extraordinary Series of Wins

The Lim family's journey to financial success began in 2008 when they won RM20 million in a 4D jackpot. Surprisingly, their winning streak continued, with multiple significant wins in the following years, totalling over RM50 million.

Impact on Their Lives

The Lim family's story serves as a testament to the transformative power of 4D winnings. With their newfound wealth, they were able to invest in businesses and properties, securing a comfortable and prosperous future for themselves and their loved ones. Their success story continues to inspire many.


The stories of famous 4D winners in Malaysia are diverse and compelling, reflecting the complex interplay of luck, determination, and life-changing events. For some, 4D winnings resulted in newfound wealth, allowing them to invest, support charitable causes, or simply live comfortably. For others, such as V.K. Lingam, the impact of their 4D wins extended beyond personal wealth and touched on broader issues of ethics and controversy.

These stories of famous 4D winners in Malaysia highlight the enduring appeal of the game and its capacity to transform lives. They also serve as a source of inspiration and fascination, reminding us all that, in the world of 4D, extraordinary luck and life-changing triumphs are indeed possible.


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