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Special Draw 4D (2023) | Lottery Special Draw Date

Last Year


Next Year

24 Jan 2023 (Tue)


31 Jan 2023 (Tue)


7 Mar 2023 (Tue)


30 May 2023 (Tue)


4 Jul 2023 (Tue)


29 Aug 2023 (Tue)


31 Oct 2023 (Tue)


26 Dec 2023 (Tue)


Frequently Asked Questions About 4D Special Draw

What is a 4D special draw?

A 4D special draw is where a special draw is held on selected Tuesdays throughout the year.

When are 4D special draws held?

The exact dates for 4D special draws are determined by the government and vary every year. You can find the official schedule for the current year on 4DKedai, Malaysia leading online lottery betting platform.

What are the differences between a 4D special draw and a regular 4D draw?

A regular 4D draw fall on Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday whereas a 4D special draw falls on Tuesday.

How do I play a 4D special draw?

The process for playing a 4D special draw is similar to playing a regular 4D draw. All you need to do is to register an account at 4DKedai and perform the following steps:

  1. Choose a 4-digit number, or multiple numbers, depending on the betting option.

  2. Select the draw date (which will usually be the upcoming Tuesday special draw).

  3. Choose your desired bet amount.

  4. Pay for your ticket.

Where can I find the results of a 4D special draw?

Draw results are typically announced shortly after the draw takes place, usually around 7:30 PM on the draw date. You can find the results on the websites of authorized lottery operators, or at a glance at 4DKedai.

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